Sending electronic notices

Electronic notices ensure speed and accuracy Notices sent in structured electronic format are published within five days of their receipt by the Publications Office. In comparison, notices sent by fax, e-mail or post can take up to 12 days to be published.

Notices submitted by EU institutions are fully translated into all official EU languages and therefore published within 12 days.

Online forms or XML files?

There are two ways to submit public procurement notices for publishing in structured electronic format:

  • Using online forms provided by the eNotices application.
    This is recommending for those contracting authorities who only need to publish a small number of notices annually and/or who do not wish to spend time and money to develop customized software.
    Automatic checking for mandatory fields and clear structure of electronic notices ensure consistency with the European directives and minimizes the risk of mistakes.
  • Qualifying as an TED eSender and providing the Publications Office with standardised XML files.
    This process requires going through software development and a comprehensive testing phase to ensure the acceptable quality of the XML files.

Typical eSenders include national Official Journals, awarding authorities sending a large number of electronic notices, public or private bodies acting on behalf of "contracting authorities/entities" as well as eProcurement software developers.

Please read How to become a TED eSender for information about applying and the qualification procedure.