eForms schemas provisional release (20/12/2019)

This is a provisional release of the schemas. It is currently based on an interim version of Pre-Award UBL 2.3 document types and is therefore not yet ready for use; it may still be subject to changes.

The approach adopted is the following: we keep the whole UBL set of elements but only support the use of a subset.


  • Rules are outside the schema,
  • Adding extra fields for which a UBL element already exists will not require the definition of a new schema,
  • Increasing reusability of elements while reducing interdependencies to the minimum. Together with the import and include mechanisms, this simplifies the integration process of any new component release,
  • For elements, which are mandatory in eForms but designed as optional in UBL, dedicated rules are defined. The rules-based approach reduces the impact of a change (e.g.: a regulatory change on the mandatory aspect will only lead to a rule update).


eForms documentation provisional release (13/03/2020)

This document refers to the provisional version of the eForms schemas published on 20/12/2019.

The schemas and the documentation can still be subject to changes. They should therefore be considered as provisional.


Further information, including Business Rules, will be provided in the near future. You may send questions and observations to the helpdesk via https://simap.ted.europa.eu/contact with the mention “eForms” in the subject.