eForms schemas provisional release

This is a provisional release of the schemas. It is currently based on an interim version of Pre-Award UBL 2.3 document types and is therefore not yet ready for use; it may still be subject to changes.

The approach adopted is the following: we keep the whole UBL set of elements but only support the use of a subset.


  • Rules are outside the schema,
  • Adding extra fields for which a UBL element already exists will not require the definition of a new schema,
  • Increasing reusability of elements while reducing interdependencies to the minimum. Together with the import and include mechanisms, this simplifies the integration process of any new component release,
  • For elements, which are mandatory in eForms but designed as optional in UBL, dedicated rules are defined. The rules-based approach reduces the impact of a change (e.g.: a regulatory change on the mandatory aspect will only lead to a rule update).

Further information, including Business Rules, will be provided in the near future. You may send questions and observations to the helpdesk via https://simap.ted.europa.eu/contact with the mention “eForms” in the subject.