How to become a TED eSender

Becoming a TED eSender is a procedure, consisting of acceptance of your project, testing and XML files sent for publication must conform to the standards defined by the Publications Office. The Publications Office provides software developers with XML schemas and comprehensive documentation to support creating their own applications.

Overview of the test phases

You will need approximately one month for each of the test phases. A report with detailed analysis will be sent for your test notices. You should validate all XML files before transmitting them. The Publications Office provides an online viewer/parser for testing the XML notices. If you plan to send notices on behalf of contracting authorities it is very important that notices are not sent both by the awarding authorities and by the TED eSender. This is necessary to avoid duplicates.

Procedures and registration

Please start by reading the documents describing general and administrative procedures. These documents are available in English on TED eSenders Workspace. You will also find there the technical documents, including the latest XML schemas, and the eSender registration form. The page is accessible using ECAS account. Please contact the TED eSenders Support at for further questions.