New version of eForms Software Development Kit (25/05/2021)

We have released a new version of the eForms Software Development Kit on GitHub.

This release provides a new version of the eForms schema XSDs, with significant changes to the structures for Organizations and Result Notices, as well as other minor changes. New versions of the schematron files, example notices and validation reports are included in this release.

Please see the changelog accompanying the SDK for more details.


eForms business terms with data type ‘Code’ correspondence to EU Vocabularies (07/05/2021)

Please find here a table representing the correspondence between the code lists published on EU Vocabularies and the business terms with data type 'Code' referred to in Table 2 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/1780: 'Fields in standard forms and notices'.


eForms Software Development Kit (08/03/2021)

As part of the ongoing development of eForms, we have released the first version of the eForms Software Development Kit on GitHub. This replaces previous releases of the interim eForms schema.

The eForms SDK bundles several different components of eForms together and aims to provide implementers with a more complete set of resources for developing eForms applications. This first release does not introduce any changes to the eForms XSDs, which remain identical to the ones distributed through SIMAP on 13/11/2020. It provides however several additional resources:

  • A set of example notices in XML.
  • Sample validation reports.
  • An interim set of Schematron validation rules used to enforce the business and structural rules arising from the eForms and related regulations.
  • Extensive documentation on the schemas and their usage for eForms.
  • The current version of the eForms schema based on UBL 2.3.

There are a number of advantages of using GitHub to host the SDK.

  • Automatic notification of new releases
  • Easy comparison of changes between releases
  • Implementers of eForms can use version dependency to align their development

We will continue to refine the eForms SDK and regularly publish releases on GitHub.

We welcome feedback and comments on the SDK. These should be sent to us via the SIMAP helpdesk with the mention "eForms" in the subject.

Follow the eForms SDK on Github


eForms schemas provisional release (13/11/2020)

With this schema provisional release, we are close to a finalised version.

This version covers all form types:

  • The 40 Regulation Annex Forms (1 to 40),
  • The extended forms (E1 to E5),
  • The other forms (CEI, X01, X02, T01, T02).

A release note identifies the new elements, most of which are related to extended eForms (forms E1 to E5).

Because of the difference in models, some differences exist between the Regulation Annex and the Schemas (based on the UBL standard); these differences are listed in the following document.


eForms schemas provisional release v. 1.1 (14/09/2020)

This is a provisional release of the schemas covering as well the following forms:

  • Call for expressions of interest (to be used by EU institutions, bodies and agencies only) (CEI), Information notice about European Company (EC 2157/2001) or European Cooperative Society (EC 1435/2003) (X01), Information notice about European Economic Interest Grouping (EEC 2137/85) (X02)
  • Forms related to the Regulation 1370/2007 – Public passenger transport by rail and by road (T01, T02)

It is based on the latest UBL 2.3 candidate and will be subject to few later changes.


eForms Identifiers v. 1.0 (29/05/2020)

Please find hereafter the version 1.0 of the spreadsheet on the eForms identifiers.

Please note that these are provisional and may still be subject to change.


eForms documentation v. 1.1 and XPATHs provisional release v. 1.0 (25/05/2020)

Please find hereafter the second release of the documentation on the eForms schemas and the version 1.0 of the mapping between eForms components and Business Terms.

Please note that these are provisional and may still be subject to change.


eForms documentation provisional release (13/03/2020)

This document refers to the provisional version of the eForms schemas published on 20/12/2019.

The schemas and the documentation can still be subject to changes. They should therefore be considered as provisional.


eForms schemas provisional release (20/12/2019)

This is a provisional release of the schemas. It is currently based on an interim version of Pre-Award UBL 2.3 document types and is therefore not yet ready for use; it may still be subject to changes.

The approach adopted is the following: we keep the whole UBL set of elements but only support the use of a subset.


  • Rules are outside the schema,
  • Adding extra fields for which a UBL element already exists will not require the definition of a new schema,
  • Increasing reusability of elements while reducing interdependencies to the minimum. Together with the import and include mechanisms, this simplifies the integration process of any new component release,
  • For elements, which are mandatory in eForms but designed as optional in UBL, dedicated rules are defined. The rules-based approach reduces the impact of a change (e.g.: a regulatory change on the mandatory aspect will only lead to a rule update).


Further information will be provided in the near future. You may send questions and observations to the helpdesk via https://simap.ted.europa.eu/contact with the mention “eForms” in the subject.